Monday, March 19, 2018

Week S-10 Lesson Schedule

Monday 3-19-18     Complete Imperialism ppt.
                                Connections Review
Homework: Weekly Reading - * take notes
                     Study for test

Tuesday 3-20          Test # 3 - 100pts
                                Turn in Imperialism and Unification notes - Stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - * take notes

Wednesday 3-21     World War I ppt. w/notes
Homework:  Weekly Reading - * take notes
                     The Excitement of War - ( due Friday )

Thursday 3-22         WWI - cont.
Homework:  Weekly Reading - * take notes
                     The Excitement of War - ( due tomorrow )

Friday 3-23             Reading Quiz - 30pts
                                Turn in The Excitement of War - 28pts
                                WWI - cont.
Homework: None

Week S-10 Bonus

A Line of Bayonets 

On the 12th of June 1916, this trench was a part of the terrain forming a defensive line west of the French Fort Douaumont, which the Germans wanted to take during the battle of Verdun

Two battalions of the French 137th Infantry Regiment, deployed at the front since the 10th of June, were the object of appalling artillery shelling and very soon found themselves cut off. The regiment's third company had lost 94 of its 164 men by the night of the 11th. The remainder had been placed in row of trenches directly observable by German artillery spotters. The artillery fire on the position increased in the early morning hours and the remainder of 137th Regiment was annihilated almost to a man. . Author Alistair Horne tells what subsequently transpired:

It was not until after the war that French teams exploring the battlefield provided a clue as to the fate of 3 Company. The trench it had occupied was discovered completely filled in, but from a part of it at regular intervals protruded rifles, with bayonets still fixed to their twisted and rusty muzzles, On excavation, a corpse was found beneath each rifle. From that plus the testimony of survivors from nearby units, it was deduced that 3 Company held their rifles while they stood in the trench ready to repel any attack and — rather than abandon their trench — had been buried alive to a man there by the German bombardment.

The Colonel of the French 137th had small wooden crosses erected on the site in January 1919. A generous American named Mr. Rand learned of the event and paid for the present day memorial and paved walkway. The original trench is now protected from the elements by a cement covering. This monument was opened by the President of the French Republic in the presence of the American Ambassador on December 8, 1920.

Today white crosses mark where the bayonets once poked out of the ground. Sadly all but one bayonet have been stolen by souvenir hunters.

Based on what you have read, what is the best explanation as to how the trench became "filled in" burying the soldiers?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week S-9 Bonus

Bonus Question:
Why does Bismarck say Prussia should not humiliate Austria by taking even 1" of land or marching through the capital of Vienna?

Week S-9 Lesson Schedule

Monday 3-5-18     Turn in A Modest Proposal - 36pts
                              The Critics of Capitalism ppt. w/notes
Homework: Weekly Reading -*take notes

Tuesday 3-6           Romanticism ppt. w/notes - stamp
Homework:  Weekly Reading - *take notes

Wednesday 3-7     Unification of Germany & Italy ppt. w/notes - stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - *take notes

Thursday 3-8      Imperialism ppt. w/notes
                           Study Guide issued
Homework: Weekly Reading - *take notes
                     Study for test - ( Tuesday )
                     Progress Reports go home

Friday 3-9          Weekly Reading Quiz - 30pts
                           Imperialism - complete - stamp
Homework: Study for test
Have a Safe Spring Break

Friday, February 23, 2018

Week S-8 Lesson Schedule

Monday 2-16-18     Test Review
                                Connections Review
                                Turn in DBQ - 50pts & 20% of test grade
Homework: Weekly Reading - * take notes
                    Study for test

Tuesday 2-27         TEST # 2 - 100pts
                               Turn in LCN notes - stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - * take notes

Wednesday 2-28    The Industrial Revolution w/notes
Homework: Weekly Reading - * take notes

Thursday 3-1-18    The Industrial Revolution - complete - stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - * take notes

Friday 3-2             Reading Quiz - 30pts
                              A Modest Proposal
Homework: Complete A Modest Proposal - (due Monday) - 36pts

Child Labor in the Industrial Revolution

Bonus Question:
According to the actor, what was the worst part of being a scavenger in the textile mill?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Week S-7 Lesson Schedule

Monday 2-19-18    Haitian Revolution ppt. w/notes
                               Turn in French Revolution Storyboard - 90pts
                               Assign Napoleon DBQ
Homework: Weekly Reading - *take notes
                    DBQ - ( due Monday )

Tuesday 2-20         Haitian Revolution - complete - stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - *take notes

Wednesday 2-22   A&E Napoleon video - w/quiz - stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - *take notes

Thursday 2-23      Congress of Vienna ppt. w/notes - stamp
Homework: Weekly Reading - *take notes

Friday 2-24          Weekly Reading Quiz - 30pts
                             Test Review passed out
                             LCN ppt. w/notes - stamp
Homework: DBQ - ( due Monday )
                    study for test